Walk into conference, wat do?

Capture the Flag
EverSec CTF is a Capture The Flag competition about the fictitious company Eversec who gets hacked and needs some friendly hacker help. Hosted by the EverSec crew, this CTF has been run at multiple cons over the years, including CarolinaCon, BSides RDU, BSides Asheville, BSides Charleston, and now CackalackyCon!
The Eversec CTF was founded in 2016 by @gabemarshall after being inspired by competing in the DerbyCon CTF. The CTF is now developed by the following individuals:@gabemarshall @deyavito @austinrobertson @stevemyrick @SandroBruscino @claytondorsey @khpuddin @luxcupitor @doylersec @RecViking @ch1kpee

Lockpick Village
Oak City Locksport will be running a Lockpick Village at CackalackyCon! Come join us for picking, contests, etc. on Saturday and Sunday June 1st and 2nd.

Shoothouse for Wireless
GreenHat Solutions (GHS) presents a 802.11 (WiFi) Capture The Flag event.
Unlike many CTF’s, the Shoothouse provides an opportunity to conduct wireless penetration testing against various targets. While capturing the keys to access the wireless network will award points, the challenge doesn’t end there. Competitors will have the option to find additional flags; these flags will either require accessing the router user interface, the client devices, or the traffic between clients.Contestants will have the chance to train on or hone their skills with a vast arsenal of tools, and techniques to include:
Hashcat, JtR, Crunch, Cewl, most tools in the aircrack suite, hydra, medusa, mdk-3, pyrit, coWPAtty, nmap, wireshark, macchanger, Metasploit, ettercap

HoneyDB Workshop
Presented by foospidy
Honeypots can be implemented to discover new threat information or detect intruders on a network. However, while there are numerous free honeypots available, many of them can be complicated to deploy or require additional engineering around them to consume log data. Are you curious to learn more about honeypots? Are you interested in deploying your own honeypots on the Internet? HoneyDB is comprised of a honeypot agent and data collection backend, which makes getting started with honeypots simple. In the HoneyDB honeypot workshop, you will learn about honeypots, configure and deploy a honeydb-agent, and use HoneyDB tools to query honeypot data. This workshop is for beginner levels and up.

Crypto Challenge
Presented by cryptoreo
Details soon.

Networking Board
Presented by Carlota Sage
Details soon.

Friday Night Party

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email us at bace16 [at]

Saturday Night Party

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please email us at bace16 [at]

Chillout Space
Lounge, network, take a break. Music provided by Incoming Weblogs

Unofficial Cackalacky Con shootout
The 1st/10th Annual Unofficial Cackalackycon Shootout: presented by chill